Cape Cod Custom Home Builder

A&A Building and Remodeling, LLC is the premier Cape Cod custom home builder.  We can make that claim, because of the homes we have built since 2001, the challenges they have provided for us, and the success we have had solving those problems. As our mission statement mentions, we make your home dreams come true.

We build all of our projects with the utmost professionalism, artistry and quality. We never cut corners to earn an extra buck, and we demand the same from any subcontractors we work with.


As the premier Cape Cod custom home builder, we can accommodate special requests and the build particular custom components for your home, such as a staircase, moldings, cabinets, bookcases, mantels, etc. We can work with any materials or wood species you like. Our whole attitude is one of “can do” not “not possible.”

We have experience working closely with architects, engineers, designers, inspectors, regulations, regulators, town officials, etc

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To make sure the custom home we are building for you is just what you want and meets all the requirements as stated by your team of experts and governmental entities.  We also firmly hold on to the original construction timeline as best as we can. If a delay in a specific project within the custom home construction process looks emanate, We will make whatever adjustments necessary to continue building your home while the delay in that particular project is happening. The result is that though there was a delay, the overall project itself wasn’t delayed, and your custom dream home was completed on time.

Cape Cod kitchen remodeling contractor
Every once in a while, a room in your home becomes far too outdated, and the decision must be made to either renovate or remodel it. The most likely place that needs the remodeling is your kitchen. You’ll want the best Cape Cod kitchen remodeling contractor to get the job done. Since a kitchen remodeling project requires different types of expertise to entirely redo or partially remodel, finding the best Cape Cod kitchen remodeling contractor means he has a great team of sub-contractors for each of the specialties, i.e., electrician, plumber, etc.
There are entirely a few contracting companies all over Cape Cod that not only specialize in remodeling and full-on additions but also can service all of Cape Cod. What sets A&A Building and Remodeling LLC, a company based in Chatham, apart from its competitors is the team we have. Our group, which has been together for years, relies on each other for referred business — which only occurs if they consistently deliver to our very high standards. A&A has experience in building & remodeling kitchens, and with our team of experts, we can complete Cape Cod kitchen remodeling project on time and within budget.
Whether you are planning on a complete gut job or a partial kitchen remodel, A&A can and will get the job done to your satisfaction. Our clients are thrilled after we are done with their kitchen remodeling project.

Cape Cod Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

When renovating or updating any part of your home, there are multiple factors to consider when choosing who to hire to get the job done? In the case of picking a Cape Cod bathroom remodeling contractor, the position requires skills in different departments. The contractor you choose should have a great team of sub-contractors for specific parts of the bathroom renovation project. Hiring the best Cape Cod bathroom remodeling contractor for your needs and dreams is the critical step.

You need to determine what the process of remodeling is for you; you can either do a full-scale gutting of your bathroom or just renovate specific areas. In the case of a large-scale gutting, your walls and ceiling will be stripped down to the studs. Replacement of the plumbing, doors, or windows, etc. could be required or desired by you. Next, the Cape Cod bathroom remodeling contractor would install the new tub, shower, cabinets, sink(s), toilet, etc. Finally, the bathroom would be completed with ventilation, a/c, insulation, tiling, painting, and whatever else you want for your bathroom. In the case of a custom remodeling, options could include entirely changing the layout, which would necessarily require the existing plumbing and possibly the wiring to be moved and rerouted.

Our team of sub-contractors, such as electricians and plumbers, are top notch! We have been together for years and referred and recommended each other for upcoming projects. That puts extra pressure on all of our team members to complete their jobs correctly and excellently! A&A Building and Remodeling, LLC is a contractor based in Chatham that services areas all over Eastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod. We have specialized in renovation, full-scale rebuilding, custom homes, and redesigning any parts of the house since 2001, including various rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Also, we also can build additions and second floors.

Any renovation, especially in the case of a bathroom, is never a dull process, and the Cape Cod bathroom remodeling contractor that does the job for you has to be skilled in multi-tasking and have the organizational skills to properly do everything in remodeling your bathroom, from installing fixtures to entirely rebuilding a shower from the ground up. A&A Building and Remodeling, LLC is very experienced in getting whatever job you want to be done, whether you want your bathroom custom renovated or fully remodeled. So call or email us to discuss your needs, desires, and dreams.

AA Building and Remodeling Opened Their First Roofing Contractors, LLC

Hiring the right toronto roofing contractors to be a part of our company is a challenging and confusing task. There are many contractors operating in Toronto. But all of them are not created equal. Hence, you should be doing your research before selecting the best roofing contractor on the market. Here are some tips to consider when selecting the best contractor in the area.


The contractor should have at least worker’s compensation and general liability coverages. Never hire a contractor without insurance because you may have to pay for any damages to the property or injuries to the workers. A local contractor knows the building codes and regulations in the area. Hence, you should look for a reputable and experienced local roofing contractor. The contractor should have an established presence in your local area. They should have a good customer feedback from a majority of their clients in the region.

Customer reviews and testimonials are important. There are many online review sites that will help you select the best contractor for the job. Make sure the right contractor has a majority of positive reviews from their clients. These are important things to look for when selecting the best roofing company in Toronto Canada.

A&A premier custom home builder & remodeling contractor

A & A Building Remodeling has been building custom homes and providing high quality home improvement contractor services since 2001 on Cape Cod, Nantucket and the greater Boston area. We believe in delivering a beautiful home within your budget and time frame. With our skills, talents, and experience we can create solutions to unique issues or find unique solutions for our customer requests.

Custom Home Builders – A & A Building & Remodeling has been building high quality custom homes all across Cape Cod, Nantucket, and great Boston. With your team of highly skilled, talented and experienced carpenters & contractors we are quite capable of building your special home within your budget and time line…

Remodeling Contractors – Our experience, creativity, & general contractor license allows us to renovate and remodel your kitchen into your dream kitchen. We work closely with your architect to make sure all aspects of your kitchen remodeling project are built to specifications using the materials determine by you and your architect.